Since 2019 by Matty Hofstede


Born from nescience and curiosity, COLD WASH focusses on celebrating the uncelebrated within fashion its industry.


With the goal to inspire and teach other creatives, COLD WASH aims to spread theoretical/practical information and knowledge about the fashion industry through a materialised design medium.


Located in Amsterdam, Matty works closely together with Denim City AMS, a creative incubator hub housed with a sewing atelier. This is also where parts of the COLD WASH collections are manufactured. Other locations of production include but are not limited to Germany, Turkey and China.


The interest for technological advancements and sustainability is presented through the main use of a laser machine. This process is used by COLD WASH to create graphics on denim without having to rely on environmentally polluting methods like screen printing.

While launching two seasonal collections per year, new garments are more regularly released under his sub-project 'LASERED EXPERIMENTS'; a collection of tests, samples & one-of-one garments which will be updated on a weekly basis. (COMING SOON)

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